More broken parts

I just thought I would share this as I saw john’s post with the seat post which seems to be cracked; it might play as a message to be safe and check your gear before you go for a ride.

That sort of feeling on my fixed gear was not my chain but rather my chainring spider and crank being grinded away… pictures might give you a better idea.

Needless to say the crack was replaced a few day’s ago. What caused that to happen, either the lockring on the chainring spider that untightend or an excessive amount of tension on the cranksdet (46T/14T Climning peel and other hills)

Either way, be safe and check your gear

EDIT: I changed to a square tampered bottom bracket and have a… sealed cartridge unit Dura-Ace BB-7700 bottom bracket laying around now, if anyone know’s someone that need’s one, its free. As well as twp carbon crank carms that you can throw angry car drivers.

what sort of noises were you hearing?

What kind of crank is it? Is the chainring held on by a lockring or what? Was that the Profile one?

Sorry I didn’t respond earlier I was in the U.S.A visiting my sister and ended up falling sick and not doing anything but sleeping…

It was a slight knocking sound and every time the sound happened the chainring would wobble a little bit, I can only describe the feeling as if the chain was lose but its actually the crank arm or chainring going back and forth with the space that was made by the bent metal.

@Mike Prebil
The crank can be found here:
It’s a “ Profile Design: Elite Pro” the spider and the arms are two different parts unlike most crank sets these days which are 1 solid part, I don’t know why its made like that but anyways, the chainring is bolted onto the chainring spider. The way that the spider holds onto the crank arm is though a lockring.

On the first picture if you look there is a threading on the crank arm, when you place the spider on the crank arm it won’t go any higher then the threading and that’s where the lockring goes on.

Maybe it was my mistake for using a “roadcrank” on a single speed / fixed gear. Maybe the crank wasn’t made to take the amount of tension that I put on it. Either way the lock ring came lose somehow which still seems to be the main reason (followed by the tension/stress applied) which lead to that happening.