Mountain Bike world Cup: Mt. Sainte Anne and Bromont

To all who may be interested:
This weekend, july 26th-27th and next weekend, August 2nd and 3rd, Quebec will be hosting not one, but TWO World Cup Mountain Bike Races, at Mt. Sainte Anne and Bromont, respectively.
For anyone who has even a passing interest in mountain biking, or in watching people go careening through the woods, I highly recommend taking a bus and a tent and seeing for yourself how fast the fastest really are.
I will for sure be going to the Bromont race to watch, and probably will be driving to the Mt. Sainte Anne race this weekend with my roommate marc. We may have space for up to two extra people in his car. If you are interested, let me know ASAP by calling, if you have my phone number, emailing, or just PMing me, if I don’t know you personally.

you can check the schedule and find links to the race websites here:

I’ll most likely be there :slight_smile:

hey anton, I was at mt. sainte anne this weekend. It was amazing, everything. And I ran into Herjo and his friend Roman! I’ll be going to Bromont this weekend too, I hope, probably camping. Anyone interested this time around?

I have two weeks of vacation at the end of August… Can we go then?

actually, I might be able to do a bromont ride this weekend :slight_smile:
it was either that or going for a long ride (6 hrs) in st-bruno

im also doing a 12 hr event as well if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

i missed saint anne due to work but i def need to ride more ive spent most of my time doing a lot of street and dirt jump.

so ill post mid week or ill give you a call on your cell by wed/thurs.

sounds good. I’ll probably be watching the races (4x and dh) on saturday, and then riding dh on sunday. If you want to bring your hardtail anton, u could ride with me, but otherwise, I don’t know if you want your santa cruz baby gettin eaten up by the bromont rocks…

hmm yeah I’d def bring the hardtail to bromont for some fun however I’ll be riding at st-bruno on saturday morning then hitting the dirt jumps in st-basile in the afternoon. I plan to hit up Bromont sometime near the end of August.

have fun :slight_smile: