A once in a lifetime opportunity to go on a mountain bike ride with McGill Cycling members! Yes, they do happen every once in a while! Thursday afternoon, exact time to be determined in a dictatorial fashion by me! Post if you are interested in subjecting yourself to more fun than anyone can reasonably stomach.

Thursday afternoon=today

I’m in. My mtb hasn’t seen the sun since south carolina…

If I finish my exam early enough I’d love to come.

I really should get my mtb into montreal…

@ Dennis - yes.

@ Noah - when do you think you’ll be done your exam?

19 and sunny!!!

The exam starts at 2pm and goes till 5pm. Don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it earlier than that or not.

it’ll still be warm then. I think 5:30 could work! But I’m not the dictator.

All hail Ben and his glorious regime!

Pete you’re officially promoted to Vice-Chancellor of Propaganda & Espionage.

Meet at the lions at 5:30!

I’m in.

Noah, I’ll PM you my cell number, msg me if you’re coming for the ride but are running late after the exam and want to meet up with us somewhere else later on!