Movie premiere is a go! Volunteers needed starting now

Ok, so the movie premiere is set for March 26th. It will happen at Cage aux Sports at the Bell Center, which is the perfect place because there are SO many televisions and we can fit up to 450 people there. We will need EVERYONE’S efforts to make this a success. If we get 200 people to come, I would call that a success, and any more than that is gravy.
If this works, the team gets to keep all the profits of the night (at $10/person) minus the costs of posters/internet advertising.

So the first volunteer I need is someone to help me get the posters printed up. This will involve calling around to check prices, riding/commuting to the print shop, getting the posters ordered and taking good care of them.

Soon after I will need several (maybe up to 5?) volunteers to go around to all the bike shops within striking distance to put the posters up and chat with the employees/bike mechanics. Those are the kind of people that we NEED to know about this event, because they are the ones who will for sure come and who will tell their other bike loving friends.

The only way this party is going to be a success will be with person to person interaction and coercion (in the most friendly sense).

More info to come, but if you want to be my PosterPerson, please post below.

you bet. Gimme a call. May be busy with some new year celebrations, but you’re not too far from chitown. Also, what is your number- I think I have your old one still.

if there’s anything else you need done, i’m pretty much available this week.

Remember, this is a good trial run for hosting a race later this spring. If we can’t manage to throw a party for 200 people how could we possibly hold a race for the same number of riders?


What are the poster specs? McGill has plotters all over the bloody place and rates will be far better than at a print shop as a general rule.

What movies are going to be shown?


you think so? Well most of the posters have to be pretty small, with a few big ones. The small ones will be about 12inches by 20 inches, the big ones, well, bigger. Like the size of a Limp Bizkit poster u would put in your bedroom if you were a wanna-be hardcore rocker in 1999.
And they have to be full color, and crisp graphics.

Ok, Volunteer number two is someone to help me write emails to potential sponsors. The best way to make this a great, memorable party is to have lots and lots of great prizes. This isn’t so hard to do, but it requires a LOT of writing.

I love writing, but I need some help on this one. If you are interested in sitting down with me for an hour or two and banging out a bunch of emails, post here.

My conference posters have come out really nicely using the McGill EMF plotter. Same poster at a print shop would have cost over 100$ (I priced it). They were all full color, glossy with all sorts of little details.

12x20 is an awkward size. For the small posters you might want to standardize on an ISO or ANSI spec paper so you don’t have to cut them after.

ISO A2 is 16.5 × 23.4 and ANSI C is 17 × 22

I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to print because I’m not an undergrad though.

Nooo, but if you tell me what to do, as an undergrad I can do it. I’ll help you sit down and type these things out. Even this weekend (sat) for a bit if you’re free, Ben.

I’ll help after my exam. Keep me in the loop.

Veronica, you’re on for saturday afternoon. Should I call you when I wake up? (noon-ish)

If I can get a hand on one of those posters I can drop it off at the belleville coop as it’s near my work and I’ve been talking to those guys for some time now partly because I am ordering parts though it might be there fancy. I also need to drop by the Martin Swiss and ABC Cycle shop within the next one or three weeks (probably within a week though) and check if there interested.

As for sponsors, I don’t mind looking for some with you though I think the best thing for that is to setup somewhat of a standard and look for sponsors that will bite for small events like that even if its not really well known companies. Just my 2 cents.

Other then that. My free time is more or less yours!

Though I cant commit passed that for the moment as I really don’t know what my schedule will be like with recent changes.

hey, big thanks to veronica for coming over and helping me write a bunch of emails. Sponsors are starting to roll in, and this is gonna be an awesome party.
Some have you have seen that I just created a facebook event and have already signed up. Thats great. If EVERYONE who is on facebook signs up to the event as attending, that would look really good for us and then your friends will see it on your profile that you are attending and it will get even more exposure. Also, if you have five minutes to go through your friends list and invite people who you think might come (don’t just invite everyone, that doesn’t work very well) then that would be awesome as well.

Technically there is 85 on this team, we should have NO PROBLEM getting well over 200 people to come to our party.

Just got back in town. Are the posters sorted or do you still need help with that?

Definitely need help. Do you think you could price them for us? ask about various sizes, like say 50 small, printer paper sizes, and maybe 5 or 6 big ones, full color. I’ll email you the mock up. (not finished yet, no sponsors on it. )

I don’t have exact paper dimensions. Ask them what they can offer and give us a range. The small ones should be about the size of regular printer paper, printed landscape, or slightly bigger. the big ones should be pretty big, but not as big as a bedroom poster. just remember, they are for putting up in a bike shop, so there has to be space for them.

I can do that. Can you send me exact paper dimensions you want? I’ll double check what the various plotter sizes are.

NEED SOME VOLUNTEERS who are not at rutgers to help me plaster the city in posters!!! the posters are getting printed right now, if you are available today (saturday) or sunday to ride around and talk to people at bike shops, CALL me! 514-433-1240

I"ll give you a call tomorrow am. I can distribute posters.