MTB Race on the weekend of September 30th

Hi MTBers

So quick question: where are we going to race that weekend (sept 29-30)? There is a run for cure on Sunday the 30th which I would really like to do with a group from my department, but I’m holding off my registration until I know if we’re going to race on Sunday or Saturday.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


Hey Monika,
The race that we’re looking at on that weekend is the UVM race - the “Dartmouth Green Monster”. I have not been able to find which day the xc event is on, however last year it was on the saturday (they have events both days and im not sure if they always have the XC on the first day or not). Sorry I can’t be more help…

didnt we talked about the possibility of going in a Ucup race that week-end since that UVM race is pretty far from montreal? Just wondering ?

Also, a quick question, when are we start to schedule the races we are planning on doing in order to register for them?

take care

David told me that it’s only 2 hrs from Montreal, while a UCup is about 5 hrs which means we’d have to camp overnight… I’m up for either one, I’d just like to know which one.

Do you guys think that we can decide on the races maybe this weekend? Is there someone who’s responsible for picking them for the team, or are we just going to vote on it?

So, the 2 races that are possibilities that weekend are the ECCC Vermont race - Dartmouth Green Monster (2-3hrs away i think) or the OCup race at Ganaraska Forest, Port Hope (probably 5-6 hours away. If we were to go to the OCup race one possibility would be to stay in Kingston (we live there) over night, then drive up to the race earlyish in the morning the next day. It doesn’t matter either way which race we go to - let me know if you have a preference either way, it would be nice to go to one Ontario race if possible.

i don’t think port hope is quite that far away, if that influences anyone’s decision, it’s still about an hour away from toronto on the montreal side… so you’re looking at 4-4.5 hours in good driving conditions…

i would go in UVM in that case even if only XC and short track XC are going to be offered