MTB ride intermediate/advanced - UNDECIDED date/time


being new to montreal, i want to get to know the good mtb trails for the off season. looking to do 1-2H of just learning the good trails around here. looking for stuff thats not too technical cuz i do want to get in a good workout. meet at the gates and here are the times that would work for me

Tue morning, just need to be done by 930am

Tue afternoon, anytime after 1700

Thu afternoon, anytime after 1700

Fri anytime after 1200 (this ride would be 1.5-3H long though)

let me kno what times would work for you guys and then i ll put up a reg for the top times. if there’s enough interest there can b two rides…just post ur comments. and i’ll DEFINITELY need to have at least one person who knows the trails and can lead the ride.


lets aim for Thursday afternoon. that should give me enough time to get at least one of my bikes working. It’s been a rough season for my bikes.

Thursday afternoon(after 16:00) would be perfect for me too!

I can do Thursday after 4pm as well

My attendance is tentative. I donated a little blood this evening under a dark bridge on the south shore, so we will see how healed up I am by thursday.

aight see you guys there tmw (thursday)!

I’ll be there!

yeah, I’m afraid I’m not quite up to this yet. Frankly I’m having a little trouble just lying in bed to go to sleep, so I don’t think mountain biking is such a good idea. Jack, you take care of stephen, k?

Is having a glowing screen of the MCT forum detracting from your bed time Ben? Or just the banging up by a Quebec bridge, speaking of… want to sue somebody involved with breaking overpasses so MCT could get more money?

I don’t think i’d get too much money. I heal too quickly. Give me two or three more days and I’ll be fine.

Hey Stephen!
Are you riding even if it’s raining?

Sorry! It’s too wet for me… I don’t want to get sick! Hope to ride with you soon!

I was going to ride when it was just drizzling, but when I got outside around 4, it was too cold and too wet for an off season training ride /

i still need to go for this ride sometime soon. let me know when you can do it some other time.

Good! Probably next week!

guys. it wasn’t raining, it was snowing.
I had a good cross ride!

Hey guys, as the weather still really nice, im thinking on going tomorrow around 3 pm for a ride, someone to join me?

514 649 4787

Grrr…I’d be so down but I have the flu.