MTB Thursday morning--->KOM or normal MTB?

The title says a lot! I’d prefer normal MTB but I’ll follow you guys. Tell me what you prefer! Consider the following: we have to get up half an hour earlier if we go for the KOM!

Hi Jack, I would be down for a 7am MTB ride. We could meet at the Athena statute as per usual. Leave a post on here if you can/can’t make it and I will meet you there.

But my unreasonable competitive streak is telling me to kill myself up hills tomorrow haha. What if we were to keep Tues but move the Thurs MTB rides to Monday, Wed or Friday? (although fridays create a schedule problem for myself)

Anyone down for a ride tomorrow? C’mon guys!

Sorry Brian I went to bed very early yesterday and didn’t see your post. And when I woke up for the ride this morning I saw the sad weather and and jumped back in my bed…