MTBing on Mt. Royal

Check this out:

Personally, I think this is why you should NOT ride the trails when they are wet. It’s just not sustainable. There is a reason why Kingdom Trails are closed when it’s raining out…

I hope for the sake of the sport, our team (and the trails) some sort of a compromise can be reached between the city and the cycling community.

I always thought of it as part of the mountain biking honor code that you should never ride when trails are wet. That’s what roads are for.

But I also find some of these park conservationists to be huge hypocrites when it comes to mountain biking. Mountain bikers (at least where I’m from,) are often the ones who actually put the work into building and maintaining trails. Then (much larger numbers of) walkers and runners and horse-riders start using them, then say that mountain bikers are destroying them. What’s more, the middle picture is of the intersection at the start of Camillien Houde by Parc, if I’m not mistaken. The reason that hill looks like that is because of poor landscaping that led to erosion. And yet bikers are always to blame. Helas…

I did hear about that a pretty long while ago and I do think in a similar way as Mike where I think hikers simply throw the blame to mountain bikers without looking at themselves. I’ve seen so many trails destroyed because of large amount of hikers walking under the rain, and out of the trail since it was a bit muddy, hence heavily damaging the surrounding of the trail in order to stay a bit cleaner… I think the solution lies in a plan where bikers are not pushed out of the mountain, but are a more integrated part of it as there would be more maintenance work done by the biker’s community.

As for the team in itself, As far as my memory can recall, any official mountain bike stuff done under the rain was done on the carriage path. Maybe a few time, and not all of us, decided to go towards the trails when it was a bit wet (not a huge lake of mud or something) and I agree with the no trail under rain “rule”.