My blog post about the MBT got 600 hits in under 24hrs!

Hey y’all!!!

I’m in the last week of my ride from Savannah, GA to Albany, NY. I just wrote a blog post about the MBT, and it got 600 hits so far (in less than one day!)!

I’d love for y’all to check it out!

Hope all is well.


PS - check out the whole blog. Its been a wild ride…

Eytan! Youre not abiker, you are offically acyclist`, a subtle but important distinction.

I just donated $50 from the winnings that the team picked up at Robbert Brisson last night. It`s from the MCT!

Amazing! Thank you SO much!

I knew there was something off with using the term “biker”. I think what threw me off is that everybody in the South called me a “biker”. In the North the term cyclist has been used more often. Good point!!!