My goodness!

Check out this pic of andre greipel. Holy hell are his legs big. I don’t see how anybody can get legs like that as a cyclist without steroids or a previous history of steroids…

maybe it’s just the photo, but it looks like his calves are as big as robbie mcewens thighs

It’s possible to do without steroids though there’s a lot to take into account but ya they do seem pretty big for a road cyclist, in track its not something unusual as many cyclist in the past have that kind of muscle.

I think that the best example is Sir Hoy.

though if there clean or not who knows. I simply assume people are clean until proven otherwise. It’s easy to point fingers but some athletes actually do put the effort to become like that and hats off to them.

true I guess I really shouldn’t accuse or anything, but man he must be pretty genetically gifted or something. hats off to him if he’s clean. I realize track is a different animal, and I don’t think I’d make the same comment about a tracky. Road cycling is a catabolic sport, and its hard to keep that kind of muscle mass with a lot of volume.

Agreed with you on the fact that road cycing is a catabolic sport. Since track is a lot shorter and the max distance you will ever need to cover is 4km or 4 miles then you can focus more on pushing out as much power as you can within a short period of time.

Of course it’s not all about power some tactics are still involved.

Another interesting thing is most track cyclist that migrate from track to road find road to be easier at least this is what I have heard I can’t comment on that from experience maybe not until this year where I have crunched large single sleeped gears and now am falling back into the ability to coast :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: