Need Help Buying Racing Bike

Hey everyone,

I was looking to upgrade my bike for something more suitable for the race season but since my road bike was stolen Thursday, I need to decide a bit sooner so I don’t miss too much training.

I really don’t know too much about bikes so I would really appreciate if I can get some input on what I should be looking for.

I don’t need the most expensive bike, but I would like something decent enough to compete with.

I need a size 51 bike so if anyone has one of those that they are not using I would even be interested in buying it. I know there’s a blowout sale on the 25th but if I can find a decent deal on a used bike online then that would also be great.

So far the two bikes I found were… (Both somewhat negotiable)

If anyone has a few minutes to help me out it would really be appreciated. I know I’m not ready yet but I really hope to race with you guys eventually.


Those are two very different bikes in terms of equipment and price!

In my opinion as a beginning racer, its better to get a sturdy aluminum or even CF bike, since, realistically, you might crash a bit in your first two years. I think an entry level 105/Rival equipped Aluminum bike is a good start if your going to do ECCC mens C or D races.

That being said, if you can afford to occasionally replace aero wheels and nicer parts, or you have been racing a fair bit/are very at ease in the peloton, then that is a different story. It really depends on your budget.

Good luck!

I agree with Peter.

Also if you choose to go the route of Carbon Fibre and are going to buy second hand. It is a Really good idea to look into what the bike has been through before you purchase it. Just to make sure that its still in good shape. Particularly whether its been raced on, been in any crashes or even just how well its been taken care of. Damage to Carbon is not always very apparent.

Talking about aluminium and race bikes, you could look into a CAAD10 or a CAAD9, made by cannondale. The CAAD10 is the new model, but even though the CAAD9 has been discontinued you can still find plenty of them second-hand.
The bikes are reasonably priced, pretty light, and the frames themselves are very good.

btw shimano 105 is a VERY GOOD group and in my opinion the best in terms of quality / price.

That Jamis ventura seems like a very good deal that will keep you going for the forseeable future.

You would barely notice the difference between 105 and ultegra, or between an aluminum and carbon frame, as much as you would the difference with an eventual pair of lighter wheels. In that regard, McGill may still have a deal going with Neuvation wheels. Both Peter and I have ridden those wheels extensively and i’m sure peter would concur they’re also great for their price.

cycling is like anything else; you pay for the brand, but ofte less illustrious components also offer great value.

Drew’s Marinoni frame may be an option for you

" I know there’s a blowout sale on the 25th but if I can find a decent deal on a used bike online then that would also be great."

Where is this blowout sale on the 25th? Thanks!

It is on the Southshore in Brossard. The Bike shop is Cycle Néron. If I’m not mistaken there may be a group organizing to head down for it.

As brandon pointed out, my Marinoni VR2 is up for grabs.

Just sent you a message.

Also a big thanks to everyone else.


At the lower price points the gap between CF and alu is pretty narrow but when you start talking about higher end frames I really feel like there is a big difference in ride feel between CF and anything made of metal. Not than an alloy bike will ever-ever hold you back, but the difference is there.

A good point that Nick made though is that a quality alloy frame + upgrades to great wheels and contact points is probably a better investment than a CF frame with lousy OEM stuff (wheels especially).

I haven’t really been paying huge attention to alloy bikes lately but if you’re buying new you’ve got a lot of good options in the ~$1500 +/- $400 MSRP for alloy bikes with decent drivetrains (105, apex, rival, etc). Go shopping and test ride everything, it’ll probably come down to your preference in shifting ergonomics and kit details. I like the CAAD 10 right now, but other than preferential bias I couldn’t tell you if its better than an E5 allez or a TCR-1.

If you’re going used, I have a great fondness for the S1/soloist team if you can find one.