Need somewhere to lock my bike!

Okay guys, I have 2 classes during month of May, and I’m thinking about riding to McGill as much as I can. The thing is, I know locking my Guru with Ultegra gruppo outside wont stick around for long.

Does someone know a place in the gyms (the triathlete thing…) where I could store my bike everyday? or someone lives around campus that I could drop my bike every weekday morning and pick it up around 4?

Merci les amis!

Dan L

if you go by the front desk of the gym and ask for the triathlon room key, they just ask for your mcgill ID, and you could lock up your bike in there, there is a rack and everything.
I left my bike there for the winter two years ago locked up and I still have it.

however you will probably want to pass this by the team director Angelo Batista first. He works at the gym right across from the caf. Because I can suggest it, but not sure if he would approve since some people leave their stuff there.

If you could give me his info that would be nice. Also, where is the room where tri people put their bikes?

work number is 398-7010, thats at the gym.
And the room is one of those old squash courts in those long and dark hallway.