New Bike

Hey all,

So… I’m looking to get a new bike before the racing season starts (a long way away I know, but I’ll give myself time to think/decide/convince my parents to buy me the bike/if they won’t make money to get bike).

Currently I have a Giant TCR2 that I bought new in 2006. It’s an aluminum frame (43cm) with a carbon fork and seat post, 2x9 gears (shimano 105 derailleur). I’d like to get something comparable to it, anybody got any recommendations?

How tall are you?

5’3" ish or about 160-163 cm

5’3" ish or about 160-163 cm

also whats your budget

heh, that’s the thing. I’d probably say nothing above $1500, but mainly between $800 - $1200

You can find a very decent 2nd hand bike at that price.

Or maybe go check out Neron this weekend.

My wife just bought a specialized allez elite, full tiagra, for a g-note from Neron. Might have one your size.

FYI, g-note=$1000

With 9 or 10 speed tiagra, pete?

For $800-$1000 I would not buy a new bike. If you buy a new bike at that pricepoint you’re basically going to re-buy more or less exactly the same bike you already have: an alloy frame with a CF fork. The biggest thing that is going to hold you back on a bike in that price point is the wheels as well.

Take that $800-$1000 and buy yourself some sweet wheels or try to find a 10speed used groupset. If you luck out and there is a KMI warehouse sale this year and they have some campy groups left you can get a nice 10spd set for that. That or shop for steals on used bikes.

Jason is onto something. Used group + WMD wheels = awesome

only thing is that Tommy’s frame is a little dinged up.
So I think he actually wants a new rig

Okay, I mean I have until the racing season to decide/raise my budget (aka earn/save/beg-for money) but I just want a good bike starting around $1000 -$1200. But how much do Carbon frames/bikes start at? I might be able to convince family to subsidize my purchase…

Dennis you hit the nail on the head, it’s very dinged up and has a small crack that doesn’t make it unrideable, but I’d love to get a whole new frame

I’d encourage you to get a “nice” aluminium/steel frame rather than a cheap carbon frame (unless you get a super discount on a nice frame, of course).
Other point is (always money), if you plan on biking/racing somewhat seriously over the next 2-3 years, putting $2000 in a bike will definitely be worth it in the long run.
If you don’t have the money, an entry-level specialized at Néron is a good buy.

Oh, that changes everything. Please don’t ride cracked stuff either.

You can get what I call a “China Special” (Unbranded carbon frame from the factory frame) for <$500 but the quality can be hit or miss and you need it finessed in the build - often the BB shells and integrated cups for the bearing cartridges need work.

I’m pretty sure you’re looking at well over $2000 for a full CF bike that doesn’t have any horrible compromises in gear.

I’d go with the higher end CAAD 10 or Spesh Allez, which are still probably between 1800-2500. Or you can go used.

once you’re above $2000 then you’re in the neighborhood of decent carbon bikes from specialized and others. I think 2500 with taxes is a reasonable price for a non-internet carbon bike. Please DONT buy internet carbon, I agree with jason the quality is “hit or miss” but when “miss” means your steerer tube brakes on a little bump, then the discount you got is not worth it.
A specialized allez, even of the $1000 variety with nice wheels is an entirely raceable machine. I’ve got one myself and I never thought my bike was holding me back, only my own fitness.

Yes, I love my Allez, though admittedly I have replaced its entire gruppo, saddle, and wheels…

Muh…do you remember the “great steertube debacle” of I think 2009 when 3 major brands (cervelo was one and I think trek) all had major design flaws in their steertubes causing a rash of well documented failures and serious crashes?

Or the gen1 R-sys wheels? Nothing quite like seeing someone’s wheel undish captured in high frame rate burst mode with a DSLR to scare you off road riding for a bit.

Which isn’t to say that you should run out and buy an unlabelled bike, just that brand name doesn’t guarantee safety, even with all the destructive testing these guys supposedly do.

Hey Tommy,

Since you’re even shorter than me, and I ride a 48, you can easily get a good deal on a very good second hand bikes? Why you might ask? because not many people ride clown bikes like we do.

Honestly, check online and even Ebay (That’s where I bought mine). There’s a bit of risk with Ebay since you don’t see the bike in person but if it arrives and you’re not pleased, you can send it back for a 100% refund. You might just get a good deal.

Caad10’s are sweet with a good colour scheme.