New sufferfest video

looks cool no?? :lol:

It might be a bit early to do 2 minute inervals but I like these videos and have no problem supporting these homemade workout videos

I downloaded Sufferfest videos 3,4 and 5 last year. They were available for free on If anyone wants a copy, let me know. They range from 45 -60 minutes and are @ 200MB each , so a bit too large to email. Just bring a USB memory key and drop by the Islamic Studies Library circulation desk located in Morrice Hall across from SSMU M-F and I can copy over the files while you wait. All for the joy of suffering while spinning 8) charles

It might be a bit early to bike inside!

I think i’ll pick you up on the offer, Charles. See you tomorrow.

AJ or Charles, i’ll need those too! I only managed to grab one of the old ones before they disappeared.

What you have to pay now, even for the old ones??

EDIT…ok so I guess the UCI made him take some of them down

AJ, I work tomorrow 11-7, but will not be there from 12-1PM. See you tomorrow and if not, on Thursday or Friday 9-5. You can pass the video files on to whoever wants them. Cheers

great, see you tomorrow then.

Hi all,

I received an email from David McQuillen of The Sufferfest asking not to share the old sufferfest videos. There are copyright issues. Unfortunately I’ve only just looked at that email account. :oops:
So I’d ask if anyone has the vids to please not distribute them. Thanks.

But how did he know? How did he know!

Google “sufferfest + cycling forum” and on the bottom of the second page appears McGill Cycling forums. So be aware of what you post - the world is watching :shock: