New to McGill, new to racing

Hi there,

After walking by the Y-intersection and seeing some very flashy McGill biking swag my friend and I decided we would like to try joining this club. We are both amateur bikers; however we are both freshmen recruits to the rowing team so we probably won’t be able to train or race with the club until Nov/Dec.

If you guys could provide some more information for us that would be fantastic as we are both very keen on racing in the spring and intend to use biking as cross-training for rowing over the long winter months.

Also, I shipped my bike across Canada and it is still sitting in a box in my rez (La Citadelle). When I saw the people at the Y-intersection several graciously offered to reassemble my bike for me free of charge and I would like to cash in on that offer. It is a Specialized Crosstrail bike (I think Crosstrail Expert).


Honestly everything that you need to know is in the about us section on the homepage. For any other questions the best way to figure things out (like me who is also a newbie) is to come to on ride. Usually beginner rides are Monday Mornings (7am) and Friday afternoon (5pm) meeting at the Roddick gates. More advanced rides are posted in the Rides section of the Forum.

By no means am I anyone of any importance in the team but as a fellow new comer figured my insights would be helpful.

Lastly i have virtually all my tools here in Montreal, if you need your bike put together it would not be a problem for me to help you out.

Welcome !

Come on a beginner ride and learn what its all about!

Hey Nathan,

I was a rower once too! (sub 6:30 in high school… not too shabby!) Biking is definitely where it’s at though, and it’s awesome that you want to get into it. When your season comes to a close in november, be sure to get involved with us! We’ll have started some winter training by then, plyometrics and spinning at the gym. If you’re active with us in the winter you’ll be all set to get going with racing in the spring! Ask DavidF about how much fun racing in the university circuit is throughout the spring…



rowers make good cyclists.

I can actually make the friday afternoon rides so maybe I will start now. If anyone can assemble my bike tomorrow around noon/early afternoon I think I will go.


that’s the link I was looking for. Nice one. I like the comment “once their oar-pulling glory days are done, blokes think: how can i get back into some lycra and stare at my mate’s sweaty arse again? crank-pushin, that’s the answer”

So true.