New website: Update your profiles team members

Hey, we have a new website! So team members, please update your profiles. The roster will be directly built from the info you provide, so until you start filling it up, it’s going to be ugly. I will try and improve it in the mean time, but still.

I’ve also noticed some quircks using internet explorer. I’ll try and fix those later, but for now, use firefox :slight_smile: If anyone has chrome, lemme know how it looks.

I see no differences in how it’s rendering in Chrome except the spacing in between the smiley icons changed slightly.

If you’re using internet explorer you are a chump anyways. It’s time to change browsers.

Works fine on Safari so far…

woooah this is cooool
Great job to whoever put this together and thank you very much!

havent been on the forum in a looong time…awesome job!