NO spinning Nov4th or 6th

Hi Everybody,

I said that we would start spinning the week of November 1st… If it were as cold as last week we would, but this warm spell means people should try to be outside. The winter is long and is guaranteed to come so I will post the start for next Friday.

Plus there is no way we could justify starting spinning before our MC TT and Hill Climb event on November 5th. I hope everybody with a bike is going.

Have fun.


Yay. One more week of cycling.

What about light core/stretching?
Also will there be yoga and weight training?

Sorry I missed Plyo today… Forgot it was my mother’s bithday dinner!

What is the time and place for the TT and Climb on Saturday?

It’s all in Eric’s post for the Club TT in the Race folder of the forum