Olympic road race

Guys and gals, the mens olympic road race is tomorrow morning (SATURDAY). Starts at 5AM our time. Neal and I were thinking we would go watch it somewhere for all who are interested. We are planning to go to the station des sports. Leaving from the gates at 8AM and walking there to hopefully watch from 8:30AM to the finish (approx. the last 3 hours of the race). There will be breakfast, good times, and possibly some morning cocktails/beers. Everyone BETTER BE THERE, and then be at Benelux for Jocelyn’s farewell party tomorrow night. Ciao

If you read this and don’t show up… I will either raise or lower your saddle height, but I won’t tell you which.

I’ll come for sure. There should be an option for Chris Horner, I’m disappointed.

Can we ride to the track after and ride real Fast?


there you go! sorry steve no more cancellara

Life is good.

Just a quick kudos to Ben Blake for going above and beyond the role of VP Events… Under no means do you need to edit your post for a big baby like Mike, but he did it.

Way to go champ.

Your only mistake Ben, was to remove Cancellara from the options and not Cavendish. But the gesture is appreciated.

I’d much rather have Farrar than horner

That’s because you don’t follow OREC.

Farrar is a hoser

Behold ! The ugliest bike in the universe !

cyclingweekly calls it “aerodynamic.” I guess they haven’t seen the evolution in bike aerodynamics in the past 10 years. Nor has Chris Boardman, apparently.

Courtesy of Team UK.

no matter how bad farrar is just remember that haussler is even worse


Heading down, y’all better meet us there

Farrar would be lucky to finish lachine.