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I’m looking for somewhere like PBK or Chain Reaction Cycles that will (ideally) ship from within Canada. I’ve got really no idea who’s out there, who’s reliable, and who’s a scam. This is relatively useful 'cause duties/brokerage/etc. can really bump the price up, of which I’ve been charged before.

Thanks! I’ve gotta learn somehow.

There is no such thing.
The distributors in Canada keep the prices high and screw over the customers and the LBS.

Figured, thanks for the heads up.

You can sometimes still get a good deal even with taxes + duties for stuff with free shipping when it is on sale.

Also, there are ways of making sure you handle brokerage yourself and thus don’t get reamed that way.

Regarding brokerage fees:
Shipping from the US, USPS will charge a flat 5$ to handle brokerage fees regardless of the value of the item. The big no-no is UPS, and to a lesser extent Fedex.