for anyone who wants live video and/or audio check out . So far the best way to watch it in english is to watch the flemish video from sporza with the audio muted, and then english audio from eurosport.

this is going to be an epic race!!!

For anyone that missed the race earlier today… This Is all You need to see. This commentator is the Best…

p.s. To anyone that saw it or see this. What was everyone thinking or doing… The tactics seem to be completely the opposite of what you would want to do in this situation…


I wasn’t impressed with the finish at all, the chase pack basically seemed resigned to race for second - it was a decisive psychological defeat.

“Boonen we have a problem,” as Fabian breaks away. mdr

the tactics that played out were to be expected. it wasn’t that they were resigned to racing for second, it was that no one wanted to be the one to do the work to get fabian. also, if you were watchin earlier in the race, boonen was constantly going on the attack. boonen is not a rider who can attack that much, he’s still a sprinter at heart, so he just seemed to be pretty dead by time fabian took off. plus, its not like the group totally sat up. they def were makin an effort, i think it was both that they were pretty dead and they were still looking at each other while the race went up the road.

these types of tactics have happened so many times in stages of grand tours, where there is a break away w/ a minimal advantage in the last few kms of the race and no one works which allows the peleton and sprinters to win.