Parting out my bike

I’m adopting a minimalist lifestyle and must rid myself of possessions to achieve a higher state of being

Ultegra SL 8 piece Group - $600 (Crank is brand spankin new)
Ritchey WCS Logic 2 wet white handlebar $50
Easton EA50 Stem 110 - $30
Fulcrum Racing 5 Clincher Wheelset - $200
Neuvation R28 SL3 Aero Clincher with Ceramic Bearing Upgrade - $175
Neuvation C50 Tubular Wheelset with Used Challenge Fango CX/New Vittoria Corsa EVO tires glued - $500/550

Prices are flexible

If you’re scared of Tubulars, I will teach you how to glue them
(and not make your brakes squeak afterwards)

Lesson learned!


Changed my mind on the Fulcrums, keeping those
Group and Bar sale pending

Stem and C50 wheels still available