Petition to have Jaques-Cartier Bridge open to cyclists all year

My sysadmin just showed me a petition to have the Jaques-Cartier bridge open to cyclists all year round. Currently, the bridge is closed to cyclists from the 15th of november to the 1st of April, leaving those on the south shore with few options to commute to the island.

If you’re interested, the petition is hanging on a bulletin board on the 3rd floor of the physics building by the men’s washroom. Or, you can print one out for yourself!

Signez la pétition pour l’accès à la piste cyclable du pont Jacques-Cartier toute l’année!

I’d like to see them build a proper path system on the southern end of the bridge before they open the thing all year. The city still hasn’t figured out a good way to maintain the in city bike paths as it is as well.