Phase I Training Program

We recently had sessions about:
• General training principles (with Jamie Livingston)
• Strength training principles (with Patrick Cafferty)

And the third workshop in the series, happening Sunday Dec. 3rd:
• Stretching principles (with Christina Walsh)

In response to these, Christina (Chris) Walsh and Mary put together an ‘MCT Phase I Program’. You will find it on the website in the ‘Training’ section.

We put this together to address some of the questions we were getting, such as “How do I put this all into a training program?” This is a difficult question to answer specifically for the MCT, because we are a group with a wide variety of experience, motivation level, and even our disciplines and racing seasons vary. So we put together a program that all cyclists can benefit from, that addresses, in large part, the bottom of the ‘Skills Pyramid’, and the first ‘Acclimation Phase’ of weight training.

We hope you find the program useful, and we welcome any feedback or questions.

Chris and Mary