Plyo Jan12 8PM

Expect to be differently sore than last week but just as intense. We will not be doing a random workout.

Small cardio jumping warm up
Static intervals
Big jumping



Jens Voigt rocks…

Baddest man on the planet. He should start another pro tour with only that race.

this is the first pylo i will be attending. where does it happen?

The first room preceding the regular McGill workout gym/fitness centre - ‘aerobics room’. You can’t miss it!

also described as “the room in the basement below the floor.” Can’t wait to see more people. More is Better.

I will be there !

Hey Adam!
I have rehearsals wednesdays, so Ive been doing plyo Thursday mornings. Any chance you could post a slightly detailed summary of the workout from tonight so I can do it in the morning? Thanks a mil, yo!

Sure thing. I hope this one is early enough for you to use it.

High knee lunges
Jumping lunges
short two legged hops
medium two legged hops
medium two legged two hop and stop (bounce once then stick the landing)
short two legged hop 2 forward 1 backward

1min wallsit
1min plank
x 4 no rest

box jumping:
Just standard what we’ve always done, including slow absorb and pause and also bouncing

100 situps
1 min plank
80 situps
1 min plank
60 situps
1 min plank

Core balance on the ball both on butt and on the knees


Cheers. Boush.