PLYO Wed Feb16

Deck of Cards.

Each card is an exercise with a predetermined length. The workout comes out in a random order after shuffling the deck.

Have fun, I will be studying for two midterms the next day. Cheers.

does anyone want to actually bring a deck of cards and do it in the room that plyo is usually held in? If so, would it be open or would we have to get a key?

The room is usually open because of the aerobics class right before it. Dennis said he would be bringing a deck, but I have one here and will bring it to the Race meeting tomorrow. Then you could do two decks. Ha.


I have about half a dozen decks in my room.

All of them read wall-sit.

I have no deck. I’ll get yours at the meeting adam.

Sorry guys, I’m feeling a bit under the weather so I’m going to pass on plyos toinght

Its okay Dennis, I will send the deck of cards with somebody. IT WILL HAPPEN

adam you and I can do an hour long wall sit.

I’ll show up.