PLYO8 Wed Nov 30 8PM

I now have in my possession 2 decks of cards.

This thing went so smoothly on Saturday, great work by the people who showed up, it was a really difficult shuffle.

We will do a 54 minute deck (normal + 2 jokers) with the first flip at 8:10 pm.

Bring a water bottle.

See you all there.

Mooooore deck of cards.

I’m good at poker… Will it help?

Your game face will discourage opponents by making them feel weak. Yes it will help.

Royal flush = more wall sits for you

Im shuffling the cards. Remember that plyo is more important than your term paper and that you’ll remember it longer and with more fondness than whatever subject you are cramming.

See you at 8.

I’m assuming that SPIN 7 is on friday?