Potluck, Round 2

We (Nadine, Leslie and Christina) would like to host another bike team potluck. This Friday (Nov. 2). 7:00, our place. For those of you who want to come but don’t know where we live, send a PM. You can post here to say what you’re bringing but don’t need to…

I will have to try something new this time :stuck_out_tongue:

what was a potluck again?

I’m going to bring a lasagna - looking forward to it!

i propose a long ride before we go stuff ourselves

although food slows me down, i’ll be there anyway :slight_smile:

ill bring garlic bread.

some people seem a bit unclear on the “potluck” idea. this is what it is: pretty much everyone brings something they have made/bought to eat. it can be a dessert, an appetizer type thing, main course, whatever. then everyone gets to eat everyone else’s tasty food. YAY!

I would be down for it. But at what time is the potluck. Second what is your adress. Do you want to put it in hte team only section?

Seb moulinette racing

the potluck starts at 7 pm on friday.

also, our address is under the team only section under “potluck this friday”. if for some reason the team only section is still invisible to you, pm me and i’ll send our address.

Every one who’s showed interest so far should have access to the team only section. Let me know otherwise.

I’ll bring curried chick peas with rice

ill bring a fall classic, shepherd’s pie.
and ill make a chocolate cake, ill try to keep jf out of it!

Does it have to be prepared already?
I am so gonna mess up :slight_smile:

What cooking tools are at your disposal?
Microwave oven, oven, cooking plates?
I want to bring fish or else something like focaccia with salmon
and cheese and vegetables (but it’s difficult to prepare beforehand).

Besides… I want some women around when I “attempt” to cook
(to stop potential disasters). I’ll bring some desert too just in case.


Gruber’s comin too, at around 8:30. So we have to keep some food for him.

Was there any mention of beverages? Should I be prepared for more carbombs? Or are we just eating good food?

And I think I’ll bring some homemade pizza, if all goes well.

in the spirit of the quickly fading fall i’m bringing apple crisp. mmm… i’ll try really hard not to eat it all on the walk over, but no promises…

if people want to drink thats cool, you’ll probly want to bring something TO drink if thats the case, we have some beer here though. Also, if you guys want to go out or something afterwards you could do that but our mum’s gonna be in town visiting us so we won’t be able to.

We’re doing carbombs with your parents…