Potluck - Sat 16th

I know we’re all stuffed after Xmas, but let’s get together for more food!

Potluck at Nick and Jon’s. For those who don’t know the address, it’s in the team only section. If you can’t see that, send me a PM.

Saturday 16th, 6pm on.

haha nice! what should i bring?
(ohh, i can make an apple crisp! or brownies!)

hey jon, whats the subscribe button for? is it so that i receive emails when someone posts something? (ie. is this option no longer set automatically? )

Yup, the subscribe button is to receive email notification when there are updates to the thread. You can set the option to automatically subscribe to threads where you post or which you create in User Profile->subscriptions->settings.

The Watsons will be there.

Just to warn those with dietary restrictions, our meal will include the other white meat: PORK!
To all others, I think you are in for a tasty treat :wink:

Tomorrow! Don’t forget.

I signed up yesterday but I don’t see myself on the list there

possible website issue?

See you there!

I would like to come but don’t think I’ll have time to cook anything. We shall see. Can I bring beer? It is homemade and well…belgian.

+1 @ petter’s beer :smiley:

I wish i could have showed up but i’ve been pretty these days. Next time I guess.

definitely beeR!

@ kevin : too bad you’ve been so pretty lately, maybe next time.

@ Peter : Nice!

@ everyone : if you have a nail (to hang up a painting), please bring it!

p.s. My cake is in the oven right now. Will probably still be warm

Uhoh, i had the wrong address on the forum > It’s St-Hubert, not St-Urbain. (Take that as a hint - I need an edge 705 for my b-day).

hummm… At least I’ll know for next time… My salad was awesome, it’s unfortunate I was the only one who had some

OOOps. Sorry. My couscous wasn’t bad itself. :X

sorry jon, forgot about this thread bc didnt get to read ur answer to my post earlier…hence, not showing up to the potluck…lol…woke up today and said, man, i surely had SOMETHING to do yesterday, and well, now i know to subscribe to the threads to be reminded of them…sorry bout that, see you guys at the next one