Power Meters on Spin Bikes

I broke my bike and am doomed to ride spin bikes at the gym for at least another 2 weeks. BUT…

The gym now has three new spin bikes with powertaps and full computer layout. They also have sliding parts rather than drilled holes and real saddles.

Thought people would like to know for the winter because obviously no self respecting cyclist would find themself in the gym during the summer.

im guessing this is the varsity gym ur talking about??

The big gym with all of the treadmills and stuff. When you go in you give them your ID card, they give you the computer and then you pedal. To use that gym you just have to get your card activated at the “registration area”, the room off the main hallway that is below the floor just 20 ft from the entrance to the building.

oh, so u’re talking about the main gym… and we dont have to pay for it?

As long as your name is on the roster for McGill cycling it is free. It is free during the summer for all varsity athletes who have paid their team fees.

just don’t bust those too adam.