POWERWATTS intro class this sunday, 4pm!

Okay y’all. The powerwatts classes are a “go”!

This sunday, Dec 6, at 4pm, there will be an introductory class to introduce riders to the training system. This intro class will be FREE under one condition: there must be at least 6 riders who show up.

Riders must bring their shoes, pedals, and bike measurements (more details to come)

Once classes get started, they will likely be monday evenings (sorry Adam, but that’s the only good time that they’re available) and each class will be $20+tx. I’ve seen what normal clients get charged for these classes and believe me, this is a smoking deal. Seriously. It’s ridiculously cheap. You will probably never again see this kind of deal for coaching of this caliber. However, in order for the classes to run, there must be at least 6 people signed up for the block of classes (Jan until racing starts) so that they can cover their costs.

I have to go to class. I’ll provide some more details this afternoon but for now, please sign up so that we know how many people will make it this sunday!

For the address:
4710 St. Ambroise Suite 156
Montreal,QC, H4C 2C7
Tel: 514 934-6078

More info:

First off, this intro session is simply intended to familiarize us with the Powerwatts system. You are not making any commitment by attending the intro class.

Once classes begin, they will run on mondays, most likely from 6:15pm-7:15pm.

Let me know of any questions/concerns you have!

I encourage everyone to come to this as cheap coaching is a great thing for the team and the computrainers are fun!

I agree, this place will provide spin classes at least a bagillion times better than I can. And that’s a conservative estimate…

If there’s room and you’ll tolerate a graduation student, I’m interested in turning pro this winter!

Brilliant. That makes 6 so far. There are 2 spots left!

Some info for the attendees:

The class begins at 4pm on sunday but we should arrive at 3:30 so that we can get changed and get set up on the bikes.

For those who haven’t been there before, I suggest you look it up on googlemaps (use street view!! It’s the big brown building). If you’re not confident in getting there yourself then let me know and I’m happy to meet up with you. If you go alone and get lost, my cell is 514-891-6987

Things to bring:

  • Shoes
  • Pedals
  • Water bottle
  • Cycling clothes
  • 4 measurements:
  1. Middle of pedal (when pedal is in 6 o’clock position) to top of saddle
  2. Tip of saddle to end of stem (where it attaches to your bars)
  3. Horizontal distance (using a plumb-bob) between tip of saddle and middle of bottom bracket
  4. Vertical height between axle of front wheel and end of stem (where it attaches to your bars)

dave, is there a reason they can’t use distance from centre of spindle to top of saddle along the seat tube instead of vertical drop + saddle setback?

Also, is anyone biking there - its a bit fiddly to get there by pub-trans.

Um, I thought spindle to top of saddle is measurement #1. I suppose they want setback because the seat tube angle on their bikes may not be the same as ours?

If you’d rather bring your measurements in a different format then that’s fine. As long as you can use them to properly set the bike up to your position.

I’ll be riding from school to the Powerwatts center today. If anyone else wants to ride there with me (Jason?), I’ll be leaving from the Roddick gates at 3:10pm. Try to let me know if you’re coming

Hey, I’m actually going to be west of the center before class time so I am going to make my way there myself. Thanks.

Dave, are you roadbiking or commuter-biking there? I’d join you.

So…how was it?

The tech was pretty impressive, coach was pretty damn good too. I’m still impressed by Jonathan’s inhumanly flat pedal stroke curve :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, all Hon’s doing. But now it seams like it’s wrong :slight_smile: and I should have more downstroke :evil: It’s definitely a great training tool, and in the hands of a very able coach. I’m 100% in.

If anyone remembers Mansfield, figure all the same tech, + a coach…

Really? I thought the more even distribution through your pedal stroke the better for fatigue issues, etc.

If you are a simple rotor machine, then yes. If you are human, then no. Your quads/gluts are stronger than other muscle groups used during the pedal stroke (shins, hip flexors, etc.) and using them during the downstroke (“1 o’clock to 5 o’clock”) is the most efficient way to produce power (think levers and gravity).

Given that, you should be producing more power on the downstroke than at any other part of the pedal stroke. If you’re applying equal torque throughout the pedal stroke then that computrainer graph would be perfectly flat but you’d be over-activating your hip flexors, hamstrings, shins, etc. and under-activating your quads and gluts. That’s why for a human, the most efficient pedal stroke - given the setup of our bodies - is a quad/glut-dominant one.