Prolong Order!

I’m going to get another prolong order together so that we can get it before we head to Rutgers.

The deal…

4.5lbs of Prolong (LemonLime or Blueberry) for $38 (Normally ~$55 + shipping)
Get a free prolong water bottle

The details…

By Friday February 12th email me at with the following:

  1. what flavour you want (LemonLime or Blueberry)
  2. how many orders you want
  3. How you will get the money for the order to me (my office is in StuBio and I’m here eeeevery day). Come Feb 12th, no money…no order

For more info check out Prolongs website

You can also find Prolong on FB and twitter

If you like the stuff…even if you can’t order any right now, become a fan…follow their twitter. It’s the least we can do to thank them for this awesome deal.

You’ve finished your first order already? D’you use it as a pancake mix?

Don’t wait! Get your order in today. Deadline to get your money and order to me at is this coming Friday.

two questions: 1)Will there be more orders later on in the season? 2)Those who were in the first order, will get our free water bottles?

I will remind John about the bottles from the first order, so you should get them. There may be another order later in teh season. But the timing of that is unknown.

hons, I just emailed you.

Get your orders in now!! Remember, tomorrow is the last day to get your order and your $$ to me if you want in. Email orders, questions, and payment details to

Moar prolong? My supply is starting to dwindle. I suggest another order once the fall semester starts up.

I will keep you posted. Latest news is that Prolong has been bought out by Herbalife…so we may have to re negotiate a sponsorship deal.