Puncture problem

Hey guys,

Does anyone have any tire/tube recommendations that are fast and light but puncture resistant? I’ve switched from mountain to road cycling this summer and can’t believe how often I’m flatting on my rear wheel. I get a puncture probably every 300 km.

Currently running Michelin Pro Race 3 tires and have tried both Michelin and Continental (Lightweight) tubes. I’m not a heavy guy and am running 100-110 psi.

Please help! Maybe it’s normal for road bikes, but it’s driving me crazy.

They’re not fast or light but I’m running Gatorskins right now and they’re freaking invincible. I fear not the broken glass. It’s not tough to change to faster tires when you need to go fast and since the roads here are so scabby even at the best of times I went for the toughest tire possible. Plus they’re slower wear than probably all race tires just because the rubber isn’t as soft.

As far as grip goes, I’ve noticed they’re fine in the wet and I am just a bit more prone to rear wheel locks in really aggressive (not-looking pedestrians usually) braking.

I also went with the wire bead, because I’m a cheapskate, and I figured the extra 50 grams per wheel would be good resistance training. Hah. But they can be had on PBK for ~$35/tire with the Kevlar bead.

you need to check your rim tape to be sure that’s not the source of the problem. Blow up one of your punctured rims and check if the hole is on the inside (hub side) of the tube. If so, change rim tape with something made for high pressure.

If the puncture’s on the outside, be sure to inspect the tire to be sure there’s nothing stuck in the tire itself that causing the punctures. Mich p3’s are sweet grippy tires, but they wear fast and puncture fast. trade off i guess.

I agree with John about the gatorskins. My Mich p3s lasted about 4000k before punctures forced me to change, but I had a few near misses with cuts and nicks. Now I am using a Gatorskin (foldable) on the rear tyre and opted for another p3 on the front. That will do me as this season comes to a close. Next spring I will put a gatorskin on the front when the roads are full of debris and then change back to p3s in the summer. When I finish a ride I always wipe down the tyres and rims, just to make sure nothing was embedded in the tyre and also to spot any potential problems. Bottom line is that Montreal roads are hard on tyres.

Vittoria Rubino’s are the bomb! Never flatted on them

I agree with Ben Blake, I have the same tires as him now and I’m not pinch flatting any more.

gator skins are the best investment, but i run tufo tubeless and i’m really really happy. but if you really want to never get a flat, ever, do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTlZvOVG8zs we shot at the tires with a bebe gun this summer, and it still was fine.

I had serious puncture probs with Mich Pro Race 3s (great tire otherwise except for the fast wear).

I’ve had good experiences with Vredestein Fortezza SE, and Hutchinson Fusion 2s (both cheap from performance bike).

I usually commute with Gatorskins and I have yet to flat with them either.

i agree with ben blake. i also ride vittoria rubino pro’s and have NEVER gotten a flat. ever.

what i hear from the mich p3’s is that people get flats… all the time.

true story : in my first year of cycling, i once got 6 flats in one week on Mich pro 2. After only 1000km, they were full of little slits and holes everywhere. When i eventually changed tires (after only 2500km or so), the rear tube had 13 patches.

Race tires I’ve used:
Schwalbe Ultremo – good adherence, fast, wear fast, slit easily, puncture medium
Continental Grand Prix 4000 – great adherence, fast, wear medium, medium resistant to slits and punctures
Bontrager Race X Lite – fast, medium-high adherence, wear fast, I haven’t had any flats so far, but they’ve only got ~900km on them.

Training tires:
Vittoria Tuffino pro – bomb proof, but don’t try and do a crit with them if it’s wet.
Bontrager Race Lite – quite resistant, but also slippery

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Sounds like I’m not the only one to have issues with P3’s so I won’t feel too bad about retiring them to the junk closet. On the plus side, I can now change a flat faster than Cadel Evans can get a spare wheel.