Queen's Hammer Dash and Burn Mountain Bike Duathlon

Here’s a chilly one for you MTBers. Can’t remember if you’ve done this in the past. I hear they have lots of hot chocolate.

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Subject: Queen’s Hammer Dash and Burn Mountain Bike Duathlon


My name is Laura, and I’m organizing Queen’s annual mountain bike duathlon for the UMS series.

I know that we’ve had athletes from McGill race in the past, and it
would be great if you could come again this year!

The race is being held on Saturday, November 4th at Myles Acres, just east of the Queen’s campus.

I’ll send you more information later about registration forms, cost,
etc, but just wanted to give you a “heads up” and a “save the date” email so that you could get word out to interested members to leave the 4th of November open.

Thanks, and if you have any questions, please let me know!

Laura Franklin

some people did go last year and it was super fun. Since we live in Kingston, Les and I went up on Friday night and stayed at our house (more enjoyable than waking up early on Saturday!). A couple people from the team stayed at our house too. The invitation is there again this year. So, if you are planning on going to the HDnB and staying at our place, just let me know.

this is a really fun, chilly, and kind of strange race. I’m not a runner, but I did the veterens long version of the race the first time, and man it is tough. First, the course is completely flat (and I mean that for real, this will probably be the only mountain bike race you ever do that changes elevation less than 4 vertical meters). You run around one side of the course first, at a very brisk pace, then you end up at the start, whip off your running shoes (i was running in my full mcgill spandex getup) then struggle to put your clipless shoes on while you are completely anaerobic because you ran so hard cuz the course is so flat. Then you jump on your bike (which hopefully is a very light mountain bike, or even better a cyclocross bike) and burn by just about everyone on the course, because your legs are all warmed up and most of the racers there are runners, not bikers. So once you do a few laps passing people every few seconds, you have to jump off your bike, and switch shoes again while trying not to pass out, then you start running around the other loop. This is the hardest part of the race. It is really really tough to start running (for me anyways) after pedalling my ass off. It feels really strange on my legs. But when I finally stumbled across the finish line, it was all worth it.
This is a really fun race, and even those of you who aren’t runners should try it. (and if you get the chance to stay at Leslie and Christina’s house, that’s even better. Her family is awesome and very generous!)
have fun guys


I might be interested in going but I think for me it will be a last minute decision. I’m just curious, what are the distances that you did last year?

the distances last year (and i think they’re the same this year) were 2km run, 4km bike, 2km run for the short course and 4km run, 10km bike, 4km run for the long course. Christina and I did the short course which was good because it wasn’t too much running (im not a runner!) but it would have been nice to have a bit more biking in the race

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Subject: Queen’s Hammer Dash & Burn Mountain Bike Duathlon

Here is the latest info on the Queen’s race:

Race day is Saturday, November 4th, at Myles Acres, just east of the Queen’s Campus. Myles Acres had a bit of a face lift this summer, so athletes who have raced in the past should find it a pleasant spruce up!

The rookie race will begin at 10, and the Vet Race at 11:15. Hopefully folks from Montreal will find this an agreeable start time!

Rookie distance is 2km run, 5km bike, 2km run. Vet distance is 4km run, 10km bike, 4km run

The registration is now available on our website www.queenstri.com under the races section. We are asking that participants complete their forms and return them ONLINE to hammerdash@…

The fee for this year’s race is once again $30, which gives you a race kit (with a snazzy t-shirt), great draw prizes, as well as an amazing post-race pasta meal (Not to mention, the fun and exhilarated high that only a great race can provide). Out-of-town athletes may pay the day of or at pre-registration the day before. However, we ask that once numbers for your school are confirmed, that you pay for all athletes who have registered, to ensure that our costs are covered if somebody backs out at the last minute.

There is a relay option as well (for the vet distance race). Teams are of 2 (1 runner and 1 biker) or 3 (2 runners and a biker).

IMPORTANT: We need everyone to register and a guarentee of numbers by October 20th (that’s next Friday). This is to ensure that we can get everyone who registers a t-shirt. You can still register until Friday October 27th, but the price goes up to $40, and you are not guaranteed a t-shirt. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any entries after the 27th as we need to have final numbers for Myles Acres.

One last little detail, if you have anyone racing who is under the age of 18 (on November 4th), please have them let us know when they register ( just because we need to know for waiver reasons).

We’re really looking forward to the race, and any questions/concerns that you have, please let me know.

Laura Franklin

I have a question for those who already went there in the past, is the running section done on hard soil such as asphalt and concrete or on something like grass and earth ??? (want to know if I would have some adequate shoes)


last year the running section was in the woods and partly on the grass. the section in the woods was really rocky.

mmm the “problem” is that i only have either spiked football shoes or flat casual (skateboard style, but actual mtb shoed :wink: ) shoes since hiking “boots” are not adequate for this situation…

thanks for your response christina


DONT wear the football spikes. You will twist your ankle for SHizzle

Hello I am interested in going to this race. I was just wondering if they where other people going before registering.


Sebastien Labrecque

yeah seb, nadine and i will be there and i think there are definately some other mountain bikers going (david, marc probably)

Yo MTBikers !

this is the first post I make on your forum… funny :wink: haha

I’m up for the Hammer Dash and Burn (the bike part of course) ! I’ll team up with Sebastien Labrèque if he can free himself from the hospital… these docs man …! :roll:

Looking foward to see you there !


Not sure you guys know who I am. The tall blond guy with the red bike.
Anyways, I’m planning on doing the race too.
How’s it gonna work for transportation and all that?


The registration form seems to require us to be in teams. Anyone know about this, and if we do need teams, anyone want to team up?

Yeah, I’m interested in teaming up if anyone needs a runner.

Let me know.


How are we getting to the race? Is there a humongous van going or anything?

WHoop, I can not make the race. I will once again be in Toronto. However, if you need some help organizing I can do that. Tally up some numbers, and figure how many vans you need / cars.

I wont be able to make it to the race to since i will most probably work on saturdays… sad…

see you on a ride somewhere else


Just a reminder of the brick workout this Sunday to help you prepare for the race. In the middle of the regular spin workout (9:00 am Sunday in the spin room), those who will be doing this race will go up to the track to run for about 15 minutes. At the end of the spin workout, there will be a second run on the track.