Question: In-House Comp on oct 1st Rougemont

I wanted to know if it is possible and if people would like to do it, an in house competition at rougemont, doing a most lap in a given time on a predetermined track (mainly already in my head)…
Since i am organizing it, ill will make the direction signs according to the trail that will be choosen, and i will also record times (therefore not actually making it, so there is no disasvantages because i know the place :P).

But it would be nice to be more than 3 or 4 persons… so i want to know what you think of that before doing anything more serious.


my only concern is getting people out there. if we do it in montreal, the entire wednesday crew will take part. if we have a chance though i want to get out there and check out the trails.

i agree and i know that it is a problem, so the best thing is to do a survey before the ride on wednesday…