Race for Dignity

Dignitas McGill, which is a chapter of Dignitas International, is going to be holding a spin-a-thon on November 15th from 9am-9pm.

Dignitas International provides anti-retroviral drugs to victims of HIV/AIDS as well as education for prevention at a community-based clinic in Malawi.

They are really hoping to see a lot of varsity athletes at this event since there are a lot of us. I know a couple people have gone in the past and really enjoyed it, and I think some people from the team should definitely go! You can think of it as another training opportunity…

November 15 at the Currie Gymnasium
Sign up at: www.mysignup.com/race4dignity
1st prize: Bell racing helmet + 3 month La Cite gym membership
Other prizes include: 2 and 1 month La Cite gym memberships, Lululemon yoga mats, gift certificates and more!

10$ minimum donation for each person spinning, and you can get pledges from people as well (go to the website above if you want to print off pledge forms). I think you can just come and pay the 10$ if you really don’t want to get pledges though, I’ll check.

If you are interested, it looks like you need to sign up online. Let me know if you guys have any questions.

I’m still debating on going for the whole 12 hours… anyone else that crazy?

I’ve really got nothing else to do this weekend but I don’t want to go alone so sign up! :stuck_out_tongue:

Phil, i’ll try the whole 12 hours with you as long as someone brings us lunch!

yeah right… sounds like a plan where I would have to the equivalent of my weigth in food supplies

I’ll wait until thursday to register, I don’t want to fill all availables bikes… even if there is still a lot left. and yeah, I,ll stay there the whole time :slight_smile:

I’ll be there for a while. Not sure what time yet.

went down to 7h30, I forgot I had something else planned in the evening

Too many errands to do in the morning so I’ll do 12:30 until 4:30. See you all tomorrow. Is anyone wearing McGill kit?

I’ll be wearing my jersey. I think Nadine and Les will be too.

Judging by the sign up sheet as of this evening looks like phil will win 1st prize by default :lol:

they also reduce the amount of bike from 14 to 9…

thanks for showing up, I really felt less lonely!

@Christina: Although I had enough food yesterday, it was nice from you to think about bringing me some.