Race in les Laurentides! Close to home!

Hey, so there is this customer at Synergy who goes to these races all the time (he says he hasn’t missed one yet) and the last one in the series is this sunday. I managed to get the day off of work (last time I will be able to take a sunday off EVER, says my boss) so I better make it worth it.

information is here: http://www.fqsc.net/montagne/circuit-merrell-etape-9

its close by, so we’re obviously talking a one day trip. transportation could be by rental car if there is enough interest, otherwise we’ll have to find our own way there.

Pete Watson, here’s lookin at you, kid! Didn’t you say you wanted to race XC this year, and don’t you have a communauto membership???

Very tempting!

do it!!!

$12 and only 1 hour away! holy schnikey!

I’m in… let me know the departure details and approximate transportation cost.

p.s. is there preregistration?

small problem: I am getting a ride with a client from the bikeshop where I work, so I won’t be involved in alternative transport. one day car rental wouldn’t be tooooo expensive, but how many people are actually thinking of going?

I’m not going to be able to make this. My lame excuse is that I’m trying to get on top of work so that I’m free and clear for the vermonster next weekend.