Raid montreal-ottawa

fun race to ottawa anyone?

Start Time: Saturday, October 17, 2009 at 7:00am
Location: Hotel de ville
Street: 275 Notre Dame e.

The Raid Montréal-Ottawa is a first of it’s kind, soon-to-be-annual cycling event that combines the route-planning autonomy of alley cat racing with the long distances endurance of a brevet and is open to bike messengers and non-messengers alike from both cities and beyond.


Though there will inevitably be a “winner”, the spirit of the event is simply to reach the destination (about 200km) by one’s own means, which is no small feat by any standard. If you’re having doubts about doing this, it’s probably not for you.

the rules:
-You must find your own way. Study maps beforehand, look up cycling routes online, print out your directions.
-You must be self sufficient. Bring enough food, water and clothes. Bring the right tool or spare to fix anything that could possibly go wrong with your bike. Be ready to call a friend for a lift, have taxi money etc. THERE IS NO BROOM WAGON, ORGANIZERS ARE UNABLE TO PICK YOU UP!
-You must show up on time. The organizers will be participating and won’t stick around and wait for you.
-You must have a cyclometer. Not only are they essential for navigating but they will be verified at the start and finish as a control.

This is an “invitational” event and the organizers reserve the right to turn down anyone who they judge to be unprepared. If you have any stuff you’d like to bring to Ottawa but not carry, a bag can be transported for you while you ride, though please let us know in advance.

RSVPing to this event will help us plan accordingly.

and how is everyone getting BACK from ottawa?

I think it just became a stage race Ben.

i did it a couple weeks ago and just biked back, but i’m getting a ride this time. i think most people are taking the bus. for students it’s like $25 bucks if you can hide the fact that to have a bike. in the past i just packed it down and stuck it in a hockey bag so i didn’t have to pay the extra fee.

if you want there’s a car going to ottawa that can sherpa your bags/bike boxes for you if you get in contact with the organizer.

It’s a great idea, and I would love to smoke all the bike messengers who are gonna try and do it, but there is just too much stuff happening this weekend for me to be able to get away. Next year?

Yeah, this would have been sweet with a bit more notification so I could have planned the logistics a bit better.

200km with weather < 10 degrees is pretty damn intense too.

i would have simply taken the highway! Next year!

Ah, too bad this wasn’t next weekend. I could have stopped at my house (which is almost exactly halfway between Montreal and Ottawa) on the way to Ottawa. Oh well, maybe next year.

around 10-12 people raced. it was more like a fun ride, but all the same pretty tough.

just not such a good idea for me cause i was sick in bed from tues-thurs… and i raced cross today. hope i can finally recover this week… messengering in the rain.

maybe next year. sounds like fun.