Ridley X-Fire Frame

So I just ordered a new road bike, so now I need some money to pay for it. Since cross season is over here in Quebec I am thinking I will sell my cross frame. Used it for the last 2 Months, size 52 c-c, which fits like most standard 56 c-t size bikes (check out the ridley geometry on their site). This exact frame http://www.ridley-bikes.com/pd/ca/en-gb/4/307/cyclocross/X-FIRE%20Frame. Still in great condition! Comes with fork, headset, and the headset cap is the front brake cable guide. Let me know if you are interested and we can talk about a price, thinking around $1000.

Also, if anyone is thinking cross still, I have a pair of tubular wheels. Mavic reflex rims laced to ultegra 6700 hubs. Already glued up with challenge fango 32 tires. Used maybe 6 times. Tires are glued the “Belgian way” http://www.cyclocrossworld.com/Tech.cfm?Action=Edit&MenuKey=3&theKey=46&ShowDisabled=0. Good enough for cannondale/cyclocross world good enough for me. $550 for everything.

BB list some prices.

Ben, what road bike did you order?

@john there you go.
@Ikthir I ordered an argon 18 gallium

Looking forward to seeing the new bike in the spring. Congrats.