Road tire recommendations

After only two rides this year, I already have a deep nasty nick in the rear tire and will need to open the wallet for a new one. Currently using Michelin Pro 3s. Any recommendations or do I stick with another Pro 3?

I think its quite safe to say the Michelin pro race 3s are some of the fastest wearing and most puncture prone tires out there - in short crap for riding in montreal.

I recommend Conti Ultra Gatorskins for long life and durability - I’ve yet to flat on them (and I flat a lot). I also really like the vredestein fortezza SEs for a high pressure, good toughness tire at a bargain price point. Mike P also suggested some of the similarly priced hutchinson’s which I’ll be trying too on my next tire change to compare.

I’ve generally been happy with any of the Conti road tires I’ve used too - I just think you’ll get a better deal with the Fortezza’s or Hutches than with GPs in terms of mileage per $.

I’d also order online if possible - LBS can be a rip for replacing wearable parts.

here is the link to the other tire discussion:

Excellent. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: