Rollers for sale


December is almost there. Some will want to train on rollers. I have a set for sale.

Brand : Ultech Power Rollers

Description : Sturdy aluminum frame and “insert fancy name here” plastic rollers with resistance unit and handlebar shifter knob.

They are great to use and let you get a nice workout no matter what old man winter decide.

If you look around the web (kijiji and al) you will see that people ask 250-260$ for the exact same rollers (used too). So SINCE YOU WON’T NEGOCIATE and I live in the ghetto, is it ok if I ask 150$ for them ? Thank me later by rolling straight next season on the F1Tracks.

So. Don’t event try to lower this deal. It’s already 100$ under the market prices.


150 with resistance unit is a pretty good price fro anyone looking to buy them

Are these still for sale? I wouldn’t mind a look at them.