i know that some of you train during the winter by running. i usually go around parc Lafontaine, i know matt goes up mt. Royal and i have some acquaintances who run too. Maybe we can organize some group running a few times per week to complement (or until next semester, substitute) spin workouts.
let me know who’s a runner or interested. We could regularly meet at the gates since it’s still a central point, and go up camilien houde now and then?

RUN up camilien houde? Oh my god, biking up it is torture enough. I might be down for taking a bus up camilien houde once in a while. I’ll pass you guys hot chocolate from the windows on my way up.

might be interested
depends on the days

when the physio succeeds at fixing my knee, I will run again.
Ill let you know when that happens. hopefully soon.


I love the idea!!!

I usually run 2x/wk X-country on the mtn, leave from the McIntyre building or the gym. It’s a great run up there, can always make it challenging (stair challenges etc.). It’s nice when it gets colder like this too, less people…!

let’s do it

I’d be down on Sundays, for 40-50minutes, if spinning isn’t allowed.

yo I’d be down as well! depends on day & time though, but available quite often.

'aight, peace