Rutgers Lost and Found Thread

Oddly, I wasn’t even on this trip but I seemed to have lost something anyways. Hons gave me a big tub of Prolong powder (Blueberry) and I think I set it on the ground intending to bring it up with the team trainer, but I couldn’t find it last night. I don’t recall carrying it into my apartment, and it wasn’t sitting out on the pavement lonely-like, so either someone packed it back into a car and left, or we forgot it outside and someone walked off with it. (seems unlikely).

If you have this, please let me know. It’s for a special friend of the team. (director of security at Mac campus)

where the heck did this prolong go?

if someone has my mcgill cycling cap, it has my name on the inside, please give it to meee.


1 foam sleeping pad, belongs to McGill Outdoor Club


All of this:

“epic ride” chain lube
a headband, pinned shut with a safety pin
a suicidal, van-hood dwelling saddle bag (Soloway…)
some water bottles
some bungee cords
a bag of rags and some fork dropout spacers
a large MEC stuff sack
one fleece liner

As well as some bikes and wheels. Email/call me if you want it.

i believe the bag of rags is mine/the teams, but either you or karen said that someone was going to store it in their house. If this is not the case, I will retrieve it.

Lube might be mine
I might have your pad in my trunk, I have 2 in there but I think they are both veronicas, maybe theyre not?

self destructive saddle bag is mine


Check it out, let me know!


I’ll leave it on the hood of your van.

i think i left my helmet in the car,
did anyone see/ retrieve it?
it’s silver greyish

Ben, check your email

Brando- the two sleeping pads of mine should be:

  1. orange inflaty-type that was never unrolled (and still in the bag my dad used) and
  2. the green/white/red speckled foam pad which the odd Brown guy slept on, also should still be in your trunk.
    I will come get them soon- after KOM?

Brando- the sleeping pad of mine is blue and foam.

Update: If that was your Nature Valley granola bar in the picture, next to the bungee cords, I just ate it.

the epic ride might be mine, is it 60-70% gone, and potentially was wrapped in a rag or in a plastic bag?

That sounds right, Drew, in a weird blue and yellow lemon print rag?

John, that’s it.

yay. seth found my helmet.

I found a white nike sock that has red writing on it in my trunk

The headband pinned shut with the safety pin is mine, John. Will you be at Yale? If so, I could grab it then…

Yup yup yup! Email me and remind me, there is a chance I won’t remember.