RUTGERS! March 7th and 8th

Yes, yes. The first race of the season. In fact, for many of you, the first race of life. We will be leaving Friday afternoon, March 6th, and returning Sunday evening, March 8th. In between will be excitement and team spirit the likes of which ECCC has never seen. Piscataway & Princeton, New Jersey, here we come.

For the first time EVER, the McGill Cycling Team may take a COACH BUS to a competition. The more people we pack into this bus and into the various race categories, the more points we earn as a team, and the cheaper the bus becomes. (does that sentence work grammatically?) Please express your intention to participate by signing up in the appropriate category above. Please register in the “I travel in style” category ONLY IF YOU ARE AT LEAST 70% SURE THAT YOU ARE COMING. There is also a chance that we will be selling “fan seats” to MCT members who will not be racing or to friends/family/significant others/potential illegal immigrants. If you think you know someone who may want to come (which would make taking a 52 passenger bus more economical) please mention that below.

More information about the ECCC can be found at, and more information about our own trip will be posted here and in the Team Only section in the coming weeks. Keep checking back, and keep training!

Click on the Bus to see what it says on the side!

It might sounds stupid but…where do you put the bikes ?

How much would it cost ?

I’m not sure about this race - I’ve got field trials scheduled around then.

Might want to add a sticker for the girls (Marlets) as they might feel alone in a redman coach bus, but it is very impressive to see the team using such transportation device.

hell I didn’t even know mcgill had the budget for that sort of kit

…but there is a question you have to ask about a sweet ride like that:

“Is it carbon?”

PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 12:17 am Post subject:
…but there is a question you have to ask about a sweet ride like that:

“Is it carbon?”

hhahaha amazing
just a question…when will we need to say what class we want to race (A,B,C,D) …i am still a bit unsure is that a problem…thinking B though

what category you race in doesn’t have to be decided for a long time. however, for you specifically thomas, I would suggest C, if you have raced before, because you can always move UP in categories, but you cannot move down. Once you race B, you are stuck. And B is pretty damn fast.

as for the bikes, yes that is a very valid question. In fact, if anyone has any bright ideas, please post them here. the brightest idea so far was a cow trailer.

most of those buses are capable of towing a cargo trailer

if you remove the front wheel and store them properly (as in properly protected and tied all together to the side) you should be able to store them in the cargo area under the bus (unless you have a lot of other things to bring, in which case the cow trailer is the only option anyway).

obviously under the bus would be the best option, but I don’t know if it would work, and I would be worried about the bikes under there.

I am no more worried about having my bike under the bus than in the back of a van/truck. From my experience, this team has some individuals who are wizards at packing bikes safely. If everyone packs lightly (we are gone for ~48hrs, most of the time clad in spandex), then the luggage is stored in the overhead bins.

I would just worry that the compartment under the bus might open - it’s happened to us before! But I guess if it is a coach bus this probably won’t happen…

we could raid some bike stores, box the bikes and lash them to the hold.

if you pack 20, 30, 40! people in that bus, no way will there be enough space for as many bikes!

but if we get 30 people in their, then we will also have 22 free seats that could be filled with bikes too.

For those who this is their first year racing ECCC, here is a brief discription of the Rutgers weekend races.

Sat AM: Short ITT (last year was ~6.5km)
Sat PM: Criterium on Princeton campus. 4 corner crit with steep uphill after the finish (1.1-1.4km). This is a timed race, see the flyer linked below for how long each division races for.
Sun: Circuit race at Livingston campus. This is a ~5km circuit very similar in topography to the F1 track, without the hairpin. Also a timed race, but longer than the crit.

Here is the flyer from last years race. Again, the ITT and Crit are going to be on different courses, but the circuit race is the same.

ben, when do I have to know if I am going to race or not?

I am certainly not going to race but I’d like to come along and cheer for you guys … though probably not for Rutgers.
I think bringing the bikes should not be a big problem if everybody has a bike box … even the oney from cardboard are good (Marie-Eve, could you maybe save some at work?). I mean the bikes are proteced and the boxes are less than a foot wide so one could stack them in the bottom of the coach; and the tools to reassemble the bikes we’ll need anyways.