Saddle Recommendations

I’m looking for a new road saddle. Ideally, I want a saddle which is both comfortable and will keep me virile. Weight is not a huge factor. Any suggestions or recommendations?

Fizik saddles are also wicked.

I second that. They’re much more comfortable than they look, but you have to make sure you get the right width.

specialized toupe. Virility is its specialty.

my two cents is on the selle italia slr. however, go down to cycle technique and they will allow you to try various saddles until you find one that befits your derriere.

i third the specialized toupe. I have one on both my road and xc mountain bikes. The 130mm width seems ridiculously narrow, but the 143 is perfect for me. 6 hours in the saddle: no numbness, no problems. I’ve also heard that the Specialized Romin saddle is really good too, but i haven’t tried it myself.

Can’t say I’ve ever liked saddles with cut outs. The ones with aggressive cutouts seem to give me sore spots and the ones with small cutouts don’t seem to do anything.

I got a Prologo Choice Pro from someone who couldn’t stand it and I love it - its something of a cross between the toupe and the slr with a nose borrowed somewhat from the Fzik designs but flattened and sans cutout. It’s got a lot of flex in all the right places for me too.

Saddle choice is so damn personal though, and I’m not sure you can even get a good feel for a saddle unless you ride it for a while rather than just sit on it.


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Thanks for all the suggestions! I’ll go check what our sponsor has to offer.