Samosa sale *** Date change*** Sept 27th McConnell Hallway

This samosa sale has been moved to Thursday the 27th rather then wednesday the 26th. Hope to see all those who were planning on showing up on the new date.

This will be the teams first Samosa sale of the year.

For all of you new to McGill this is an amazing tradition which can only be found on our campus.

All you new to the team please stop by, enjoy some samosas, and support the team. It generally can be quite busy and tons of fun. Engineering students tend to live off of this stuff.

For those who would like to help. The samosa sale will start when the samosas arrive. Which varies for every sale but is generally around 11. The sale generally lasts between one and two hours. There is lots to do including dishing out samosas and making our very euro samosa holders dutch style. Compliments of the ingenuity of Ronnie Wheeler and Brandon.

We are going to keep to McGill cycling’s traditional prices.

3 Samosas for 2 dollars
2 Samosas for a 1.50
1 Samosa for a dollar

Hope to see as many of you out there as possible.

That 2 for 1.50 is a door crasher

Try to top my record of 6

Record is in Team Only section

Just to note that the time has been switched to Thursday the 27th now, for anybody who was planning on coming on the wendseday. Another club will be selling on wednesday so you may still pick some up then.

Oh crap! How’s this going / how’d it go?

It was great Phil Eric and I cleaned shop and had a lot of fun doing it