Sat oct 22 8:30AM Howick (130k) intermediate

Leaving from the Gates!

I’m in. If you prefer going thorugh the seaway, I can guide you until there. I have no idea where Howick is though.

I’m down if Erics good for this one we said we would ride together.

Josef I need to be back a bit earlier than this one, so go ahead. Think I’ll just go exploring instead of a serious ride tomorrow morning anyhow.

I’m in! Although I have to go pick up my bike from Cyclotechnique before they close tonight. I’ll keep you posted if I get it. If not I’ll have to ride after 10 am since that’s when they open


Ok I got my bike I am in!

Ok change of meeting point! meeting at the Gates. Jonathan will guide us to the seaway.

I’ll be coming for sure just running a little late. I’ll still try and catch you at the gates though.