Sat. Sept 25 9:00AM McGill Club Ride - Intermediate

Updated: OK - Meeting at Roddick Gates @ 9:00AM for 85Km ride to St. Remi. This will not be a hammerfest, but a group ride. As Stephen mentioned some of the pavement is not great (@4 km worth on the way into St. Remi), but this is, after all, Montreal! If it is raining out - go ahead and sleep in.

Although the weather looks sketchy at the moment, tomorrow holds some promise. Since the Calendar lists a club ride, might I suggest we do the St. Remi loop (@85K) meeting at 8:00 or even 9:00AM at the gates. This could include some pace line practice down the seaway as we head out to St. Remi and back again. Multiple groups are possible based on Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced categories dependent on who can make the ride. This is shorter than last Saturday’s ride and is virtually flat all the way. Any McGill team members available to lead the ride?? Cheers, Charles

Weather Dependant… Maybe Prefer not getting up So early… 9am

I’ve actually never done St. Remi, but i’ll probably go, weather and tonight dependent.

I’d love to go if any other begginer people come out!

Its an easy easy ride, but pavement isn’t so amazing. … It’s also The way to ride out to the Mercier “Robert Brisson Criteriums” in the summer

I am in for 8 or 9.

I might show up depending no whether I feel better or not. Don’t wait for me…

9 AM plzzzzz? Weather looks like poo but sunday is supposed to be nice, Sun as an alt day?

please 9 am!!

why so late you drunkards

I need rest remember…

Another beginner(of the beginners!) right here; 9am Im there.

No way I’m making it, hangover of doom. This whole getting old thing sucks.

jason im disappointed in you. we have yet to ride our stallions together

I’m disapointed too…head still hurts too. We’ll ride at least once before the season is over.

sorry guys i couldn’t wait that long at the bridge.

it’s ok. hope your ride was ok

Great ride everyone. Nick - no problem. Drew thanks for your help. Cheers.