Saturday AM: Tempo, St. Remi, ADVANCED. 8:00AM, Atwater Bridge

No ifs or buts about it. This is an advanced ride.

We’ll do the St. Remi loop with the occasional sprint here and there.

Pace will be 34+ avg. Eat your Wheaties, we’ll be back in time to ride a loop with the pro tour teams as they recon the GPCM course.



yea, in.

I’d like to join you guys when you get back to do the loop with the pros. Can that be arranged? what time would you guys be back?

Hey Michael,

It’s difficult to predict this with enough precision for us to set a post ride meet time. There will be tons of people riding around that day so just head to the Houde.


I’ll hang out in the back until I get dropped.

if i wake up

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it but I will be going to the Houde, we can maybe meet there.
MichaelL, if you want we can meet at the bottom of the Houde at a specific time, say 10h30 or 10h45. These guys will probably be done around then.

Had a flat, made it back safe and sound. Surprisingly, that was my first flat of 2011!

Sorry that we didn’t wait Pete. Glad you made it back.

Really bumbed out that my alarm didn’t go off for this. Hope the ride was great.