Saturday Club Ride 9:00 Intermediate/Advanced

I’m trying to start this back up again, to have a regularly occurring Saturday ride that can occur on one of a number of familiar circuits.

The ride format is basically,
80% of the time Intermediate Pace
20% of the time we will throw down and get some good efforts in, then regroup.

No drops during the 80% of the time
I will try my hardest to drop all of you 20% of the time, but we will regroup afterwards

This weekend we’ll go to Mont Ste-Hillaire, to Mont St Bruno and back.

Meet at Roddick Gates at 9, We’ll roll through the Jacques-Cartier bridge by 9:15 if you want to join there. Ride should be less than 4 hours

So pumped. It’s going to be cold…

It should warm up to 6 degrees by 1 pm. I might come depending on how I feel in the morning. Don’t wait for me.

i’m coming with 3 guys from my summer team.

actually, this ride may be too fast for me…

don’t be silly valina, this ride is perfect for you

This was an absolutely perfect ride. Just the right kind of tired right now.