Saturday easy pre-race spin 10am

South shore, meet at the gates,

~60km easy pace. I don’t want to do west-island or F1 because it will be too crowded.

I like easy pace.

sure, I’ll come.

I’ll be there!

darn can’t come anymore. helping my sister move.

Looking forward to the ride.


I am a German medical student and will do a clerkship for 8 weeks at the Montreal Genereal Hospital. I brought my road bike with for cycling in Montreal and the area around the city.
Can somebody tell me the address of the meeting point, so I can search it at google maps… I am looking forward to cycling with you!

Thank you!



The Roddick Gates are at the corner of Sherbrooke and McGill Collage Avenue.

The gates is the main entrance to the McGill Campus on Sherbrooke street. At the intersection of McGill College street.

Thank you very much, now I know where it is! I will see you tomorrow!

I will be there, haven’t done a mcgill ride in awhile

So I got to the gates at 10:07 (late as usual) and I think you guys had just left. Since I didn’t read the initial post well enough to understand that you were doing South Shore I didn’t know where you went and ended up going to Estacade.
How was the ride ?

The ride was good. I was testing out my Go Pro so I might put parts of it up after.

Sorry to those who waited for me towards the end, I got a call around the bridge and when crossing the bridge I cut short and headed to the old port to meet up with someone that was waiting for me around there.